Industrial Affiliates Program


To conduct outreach and technical support of commercial-grade software developed by the SHPC group for industrial participants, as well as engage in the fundamental research that underlies this software. The uniqueness of the affiliates program stems from the interdisciplinary research conducted by computer scientists, applied mathematicians, and computational scientists. The outreach activities and research focus on how to exploit advances in knowledge and insight at the intersection of algorithms, architectures, and applications.

The affiliates program will enable SHPC to become the de facto leader in the arena of open source dense linear algebra software and related applications. It will further enhance existing collaborations between ICES centers, CS, Chemistry, ECE, TACC, and SDS as well as our collaborators at other institutions.

Benefits of membership

Corporate members have access to leading-edge research related to high-performance numerical software development and resulting artifacts, via

Corporate sponsorship yields a highly leveraged return, thanks to the large and diverse portfolio of other funding within SHPC. It also provides an effective means of conducting exploratory or fundamental research that would be difficult to perform in-house by industry.

Industrial Affiliate Membership

There is a tiered annual fee for membership:
Benefit Premier Standard Entry-Level
Steering Committee Seat X . .
Free Workshop Access X X X
Free Affiliates Mtg. Access X X X
Campus Visits by Affiliate X X .
Corporate Visits by Faculty X X .
Short-Term Residences X X .
Access to Publications X X X
Early Access to Software X X X
Software Support X X .
Early Access to Students X X X

The funds raised by the program will be used primarily to support basic research. A small portion will defray the costs of annual meetings, technical reports, computational facilities and to supplement travel and other expenses for project graduate students, postdoctorates, visitors, and faculty. and other support costs.